Safety Signs - Prohibitory

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190 x 190mm          R 25.00

290 x 290mm          R 35.00

PV1 - Smoking prohibited
PV5 - Drinking of this water is prohibited
PV2 - Fire and open flames prohibited
PV3 - Thoroughfare for pedestrians prohibited
PV4 - Water as extinguishing agent prohibited
PV6 - Proceeding beyond this sign prohibited
PV7 - Cycling prohibited
PV8 - Carrying of long material prohibited
PV9 - Hand trimming prohibited
PV10 - Tractors and fork-lifts prohibited beyond this point
PV11 - Use of compressed air to dust body prohibited
PV12 - Loose clothing, ties, jewllery and unconfined long hair prohibited
PV13 - Dumping prohibited
PV14 - Do not obstruct
PV15 - No entry for heavy vehicles
PV16 - No Entry for vehicles
PV17 - Locomotives prohibited beyond this point
PV18 - Wearing of safety helmets prohibited
PV19 - Carrying of fire - arms prohibited
PV20 - Dogs prohibited
PV21 - Camera prohibited
PV22 - Alcohol prohibited